Thursday, October 8, 2009

She knows me so well.

Over ten years ago I went to see a witchy poo sort of healer, who practised some sort of colour therapy. I had to choose my favourite colours from literally hundreds of bottles of colours. This is the bottle I chose. I've kept it because I love the colours so much.

On Tuesday I received a parcel from my sister, Clare. It's not my birthday and we don't exchange Christmas presents. This was a no reason at all present. Clare said she saw this bluey/greeny wool and thought of me, so she got it and asked our mum to knit up a scarf for me. There was also a lovely soft beige scarf, that wool being chosen by Clare's lovely 16 year old daughter, Emma

I'm blown away really. I wear a bit of blue but can't wear green at all. Whenever I hold green up to my face I think I'm seeing what I will look like in my coffin, pretty darn dead. But this mixture looks good against my skin.

How did Clare know these colours are me? We are 18 years apart in age but she knows me and I think that is absolutely wonderful! And I give thanks that I am blessed with such a sister.

Love you, Clare-bear.


  1. Those are really pretty colors. What a terrific sister you have. My sis is always sending me little surprises in the mail. I get excited every time I see a package from her.

  2. I'm fascinated by your favourite colour. It's good that your sister knows you so well.


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