Saturday, October 17, 2009

A little girl in a big paddock

Usually I hear Georgia and her sisters approaching before I see them but this morning I looked out and there was Georgia trudging in her best party dress and gum boots across the paddock on her way to my place. Turns out she wasn't on her way to anything special. The hem on her best party dress had come adrift and needed mending and she wore it so she wouldn't forget to bring it for me to fix.

She was in one of her moods that don't require anyone or anything to entertain her. If you ask her what she's playing she will tell you it's "magination" play where she sends her "magination" (which is about as big as a nit) into her head to find something and then she plays it.

This part of the game looked rather serious.
My dog, Lewey, knows how to follow Georgia's instructions.

Even when he's not required as part of the game, Lewey is never far away. If she wanders from sight I just have to call the dog and whatever direction he comes from, that is where she will be. He's as devoted to her as I am.

Except, when she goes to visit the calves in the paddock beside the house, the dog knows to stay well away.

After playing quietly by herself all morning, she came inside and suggested we bake muffins. By the time we finished baking we could here the thump of a post being driven into the ground up at her home, so she trudged back home again to see what was happening there.

So I've had a lovely morning. Hope everyone's world is just as happy!

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  1. To be happy with the simple things can take many years of devoted practice. It's taken me most of my life.


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