Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Pukekura Park

After chasing a reflection at Lake Mangamahoe and driving through Te Henui cemetery, the clouds were rolling in but it was still too nice a day to be inside.  Pukekura Park is just around the corner from where my daughter is living at the moment, so I headed there, to the little cafe in the park, for my lunch.

A stroll around the grounds is always a delight.  The colours of spring were everywhere and, to add to my pleasure somehow or other a group of four high school boys came to be walking along with me.  They came up behind me on a pathway and when I moved aside to let them go by, one said they weren't in any hurry and they slowed their pace to walk alongside me, and for a few magical minutes we chatted so easily and happily, I was left feeling elated.  If the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, our future is in safe hands.