Wednesday, 27 September 2017


There's no denying spring has sprung.  Not that I want to deny it, after all I've been waiting for it.  To be precise I'm waiting for summer but spring has to be endured first.  The wet weather continues just a little more unpredictably than the constancy of winter rain.  The road side kowhai distract from the puddles.

The little calves are learning about the outside world in the paddock opposite my house.  They still have a bit to learn.  Knowing which human is the one who feeds you is an important lesson and they haven't yet learned to distinguish me from the pretty blonde who rides the bike towing their feeder.  They hear my front door open and come to the fence hoping this time it will be me. 

The lambs don't let their feeder too far from sight despite having to dirty their knees to get down low enough to dine.  They will be learning how to survive without their mums soon enough.

I'm accumulating a collection of very bad bird photos.  Usually the kereru (bush pigeons) attract attention with the loud swoosh of their wings in flight.  But I now know an area beside the road into the Tangihua Forest where there is an active pair and keep an eye out.  They don't fly away from me but manage to stay far enough away to be safe from my camera.  I guess they are feasting on spring berries. 

Linking to Gosia's Fences around the World for the first time in ages.