Saturday, March 31, 2018

A change of scenery

There's nothing like being busy to make the time fly.  It seems impossible that I haven't been back to The Paddock since 10 January.  And this is only a fleeting visit.  I've been beavering away writing about my ancestors.  It's been time consuming but very rewarding.  I've loved finding out more about the amazing bunch of pioneers who came before me.  It's made me wonder a few times about how closely linked are bravery and craziness.  

Yesterday, I felt I just couldn't sit at the computer for a day longer, so I grabbed my camera, which hasn't seen the light of day for so long, and headed out.

I enjoyed a walk in the bush.  We've had a lot of rain lately, the ground is very damp and all the plants and trees looked so clean and shiney.  I was taken by the many shades of green.


And then the back roads called.

It always feels so good to stand by the side of the road, not a soul in sight, and take in the view. 

Back at home, the last dahlia of every summer is on its last legs.  Winter is coming!

Now back to this week's ancestor -


  1. That was worth the time to get out and about!

  2. Beautiful scenery just by the side of the road, What a great country you live in. Ancestry sure eats up your time

  3. Why do I always feel so emotional when I see the Uppity Downities?

  4. Lovely views. Your ancestry project reminds me of my own postponed projects of similar kind... (Started digging a bit when sorting through family papers and photos after my parents... But digging deeper really IS time-consuming...)

  5. I think we drove through this area yesterday on our travels to the waipu caves, Bream Bay certainly is beautiful

  6. I was wondering where you'd wandered off to, Pauline! Great to have you back, if only for a fleeting visit. Just make sure not allow so much time to pass between future visits! That's an order, my girl!! :)

    Love your photos...truly wonderful. Take good care. :)


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