Wednesday, January 10, 2018

52 Ancestors

I've done it!  Created another blog to dedicate to 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks.  I'll be lucky if I can stand up straight, I've spent so long at the computer doing that and writing the story of the first of my featured ancestors, my grandfather Jesse Noah Osborne.  

It's over here if anyone wants to have a look

But I warn you.  It's long and it's a very personal view.


  1. A good challenge and not a waste of time as someone in the future will find it very valuable.

  2. It's good to get the history down while you can. The next generations will thank you.

  3. Wow! I will go over and start reading!!!! You are to be commended, Pauline!! :)

  4. Well done for attempting this. Your family will love it.

  5. Well I, for one, having listened to so many interesting anecdotes when we've been on safari will be spending some time there. In fact now that some of the younger members of our (my brother and my) family are taking an interest I must suggest this form of recording to them.


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