Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sights of summer

For Kiwis nothing says Christmas like the pohutukawa tree.  Its blazing red flowers have earned it the title of New Zealand's Christmas tree.  It starts to flower in November and usually stops by Christmas and New Year, with its peak in mid to late December.  This is a great time of year to find myself with time to kill.  It's a joy to wander looking for flowering pohutukawa.  I found them blooming right on time along Princes Road, Ruakaka earlier last week.

 Providing a beautiful canopy over the road down to the beach

Framing the view out to The Hen and Chickens (that's Taranga, the Hen, pictured.  I think.) 

 Looking across to Whangarei Heads

Legend has it that if the pohutukawa flowers early it will be a long hot summer.  I've noticed the cabbage trees flowering.  That has always been my go to for a predictor of summer.  And, yes, I thought they were early.

The only blight on my time at the beach was this oystercatcher.  I think it was injured, it didn't fly off as I approached as I expected it to and didn't move in the time I watched it.  I think it was keeping a wary eye on me.


  1. Having your own blooming trees for Christmas must be fun, they are beautiful! Hope the oystercatcher was just tired and wanting a rest.

  2. The red blooms on that tree are gorgeous!
    I truly long to see New Zealand. Thank you for this post with the beautiful photos.

  3. The green for Christmas is a striking contrast with our white here!

  4. Such beauty...and I love the Oystercatcher. They're a great bird. On Fraser Island they're called "wongs birds"...because the eugaries on the island are called "wongs".

  5. Nice while snow is outside to see summer!!


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