Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Mental soundtracks

A few days ago I was up at the lodge in the early evening after the last school to use the lodge this year had departed.  I walked around to the confidence course and was struck by the silence and a haunting sense of loneliness.  In my imagination I could hear the shrieks of excited children and picture them unleashing their inner monkey on the different challenges. 

Is it just me or does a place designed for youngsters always look desolate when all is quiet and we are just left with our mental soundtracks.

The next evening I was out by the dam, another place  where my mental soundtrack has splashing and laughter playing.  The blue raft in the middle of the shot looks wrong sitting there amongst the rushes. 

Bring on Christmas I say.   Then what plays in my head will be matched with what I see.  Bring back the children.


  1. It looks like children should be there, indeed. Rather like the school playground after hours.

  2. My son would love this area, even now that he is grown.

  3. WHen my children were growing up they would've loved outdoor stuff like this, school holidays were good too, meant they could get outside more.

  4. You want children. I'll see if I can persuade our parliament to pop by. Feel free to drown as many as you can.

  5. Your photos are brilliant, Pauline. I feel as if I'm there...they really drew me into them.

    I have only just now read your comment on my Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast at Tiffany's etc., post on my blog. Sorry for not seeing it until now....here, below, is a copy of my response to what you wrote....

    "Hey, Pauline...that's a wonderful story...how great! I wish your daughter all the very best with her endeavour....good on her! :)

    Thanks for coming by. :)"

  6. I hope the kids are there by now!


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