Friday, October 13, 2017

The creatives

Yesterday, quite unexpectedly, I had the opportunity to see my creative daughter-in-law, Heather and her equally creative friend, Pam at work finalising their entry into a Wearable Arts Competition.  These two blow my mind.  The ideas just flow from them, they feed off each others.  One suggests something, the other comes up with how to do it.  Some aspects of their costumes are very structural, all aspects require a lot of work.  Not to mention inspiration and adaptation.

I have to keep details of this competitions entry to myself until after the event, of course.  But here are a few shots I got yesterday.

 Bits and pieces on the work table

To give you an idea of the attention to detail and thought that goes into their costumes, this is the headgear from an earlier entry into a Wearable Arts Competition.

 The shoes.  I immediately thought, "Cinderella shall go to the ball."

And before the ball, there are hours with hair in rollers.

Good luck, girls.  I know the hours of work that have gone into your entry and luck will have little to do with it.  


  1. I read the first few lines of your post and laughed to myself, Heather is my cousin and Pam is my aunty lol, they are both very clever :-)

  2. oops sorry to re-edit, is Heather living in Dargaville? if so yes that's my cousin.

    1. Amy, what a coincidence! Heather lives near me in Mititai, it's not very far from Dargaville and I don't know any other Heather with the same surname that lives over there. I will ask her when she gets back from Warkworth. She was Heather Smith. They won the open section and also took out Supreme Award in the Warkworth Catwalk Arts competition. I'll post more photos after the weekend, am heading away now.

  3. May the judges smile on them, what you have shown looks astounding to me!

  4. I used to be so crafty and maybe someday I will return to that expression for my energies. Good luck to your girls.


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