Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The road in

As I go to and from the lodge in the Tangihua Forest I am constantly stopping to take photos.  The more frequently I do it, the more differences I notice.  The bush always looks different, depending on the light, the weather, the time of year and day, the amount of sunshine overhead.  I took these today, some while going in to the bush, the rest on my way home a couple of hours later.


There is a lookout not far from the lodge where you can get idea of how deep in the bush the lodge is situated.  That's the lodge roof in the centre of the photo.  I've got a blur on the lens of my camera which I can't see or clean off.  I can't decided what to do about it!  Suggestions welcome.

I've given names to a few different spots along the road.  I call this tree The Lovers although to be honest before I settled for that I was searching my brain for a nice word to describe the way children (and not only children) cross their legs when they are putting off going to the toilet.

This is the view of surrounding farmland in one direction as you come out of the forest.

And yes, I do know how lucky I am to see such beauty and to feel the tranquility of the bush on a regular basis.  I just wish I could capture it with my camera.


  1. I think you capture it really well. It certainly brings it all back to me.

  2. You capture enough to make me smile.

  3. Well you did capture the mood and beauty of the forest.

  4. Oh, if I were only younger and better situated, I would so love to see this world. It so appeals to me. So much beauty!

  5. What a lovely drive. The scenery is magic and you have captured it well. You may need to have the lens cleaned by a professional.

  6. So lush and beautiful. It's not dissimilar to areas around here where I live.

    Lovely photos, Pauline. Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. That looks a lot like around this area. I love the shots of the track into the bush and the view over the farms is gorgeous.


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