Monday, July 31, 2017

Taranaki again

I've just returned from my third visit to Taranaki this year.  I think I'll have a little "Home" time for a while.  Snuggle up in my own bed for the rest of winter. 

I experienced a variety of weather while I was away.  One night there was a storm which ensured the ewes in the paddock next to my daughter's house produced a lovely crop of lambs.  It's always a joy to watch lambs playing.

These four were great mates.  They ignored all the other lambs and only played with each other.

My duty while I was there was to get this little man off to school each morning.  I had to turn him around so he was facing in the right direction to get to school in the heavy fog.  Not really, but he thought it was funny.  Gotta love little ones who smile at their grandparent's daft jokes.

And then there was the little flood.  Blocked drains sent the runoff from heavy rain down the road and into my daughter's yard. 

I thought it was jolly cold when I was down there but it was here at home that the heavy frost came.   That was yesterday morning but I wasn't up early enough to get photos.  I was enjoying one of those snuggles I mentioned before.


  1. Lovely photos. Little lambs certainly enjoy life!

  2. Lambs and grandchildren make for a fun visit, cold and rain or no. Enjoy your warm snuggling!

  3. The lambs are darling. What fun watching them. Sorry to hear about your cold weather. At least it was not snow.

  4. No matter how much we love the grands, it is always nice to get back to our own turf! Hard to feature it being cold and winter, while it has been so hot here this summer.

    Enjoy the snuggle time while you can!

  5. The lambs reminded me of childhood days in North Wales and The Lake District. The way a lamb can jump in the air on the spot always intrigued me.


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