Monday, July 10, 2017

A wet weather drive

Yesterday the rain bucketed down.  Not all day, just in intermittent downpours. The day started with a rainbow.  Change that to my day because it was well under way when, as I was making my bed, a rainbow caught my eye.  I guessed from the dark cloud behind it that a bit of rain might be on its way. 

Rather than sit inside all day and probably feel cold and miserable I decided to take a drive to see how much water was pouring down the side of the mountain and check out the roadside waterfall just up the road a bit.

Every crease in the hills was streaming.

 Between downpours it was drizzling, so all these photos were taken through the car window. 

Further from home, closer to Tangiteroria, the upper reaches of the Northern Wairoa River was just keeping within its banks and not by much. 

And here's my shot of the day.  Nothing at all to do with what I set out to see.  Isn't he beautiful?  Both of them are but I found the big fella closest to the road to be the most impressive.  He didn't move an inch when I stopped opposite him, just placidly gazed at me with what I fancifully thought to be a soulful expression. 


  1. Yes, they are beautiful, especially that big fella just gazing back at you. The lone nikau in the bush took my eye as well. Great pictures.


  2. You should have called in for a coffee we just across the road from the steers

  3. To be able to drive to a waterfall! That's lovely. The cattle are impressive, too.

  4. Well I hope that the floods don't come again for you. As for the rainbow photo....well it's really beautiful.

  5. Beautiful images Pauline, the two rainbow through to Cows, fantastic.

  6. I've got a cousin that lives up Tangiteroria, I use to work in Dargaville so I know the area well.

  7. love your rainbow. and yes the big guy is quite handsome.

  8. Oh, my, I love them all but oh, that closing shot! It is wonderful!


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