Monday, June 26, 2017

Driving to Wairarapa

It was a long drive for Chris this year for our mid-winter break.  If we had taken the shortest route it would have been 1,550 km each way but we went the long way in both directions.  Via Napier on the east coast on our way south and via Te Kuiti in the west on our return.  We stayed the first night in Taupo and our last night in Taumarunui, with four nights in between in Carterton.  We were happy with our decision to stay in Carterton as it is pretty central to all Wairarapa towns and we had a very comfortable unit in the Carterton Holiday Park.

Early morning at Carteron Holiday Park on the one morning when there was no frost

GB's old stomping ground of Napier.  

 A scene GB will recognize - and a great place for a late lunch


Between Taupo and Napier Chris followed a sign to a lookout which, to our initial disappointment, was shrouded in fog.  Luckily we could just see the Waipunga Falls and decided that the mist added rather than detracted from them.  

Fog once again descended upon us further south until we could barely see 100 metres in front of the car.  

It lifted in some places, just enough to give what I thought was a rather romantic hue to the scenery.
Tomorrow I'll sort through my photos for some around Wairarapa.  


  1. A foggy day can be beautiful and soft.

  2. I seems funny to hear you talk of frost when we are very hot for this area...26 C.

  3. Oh Pauline I am soooooooo homesick. Good to see the views though.

  4. I am not fond of driving in fog, now that I am older. I remember not worrying at all when I was young. It does add to the photos, though.

  5. That is a long drive, Pauline...far longer than I drive these days.

    Wonderful photos as always...thanks for sharing. :)


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