Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pataua south

One of my grand-daughters is adventuring in Thailand at the moment and constantly in my thoughts. My thoughts of her today lead me to drive out to Pataua South, where she once (or maybe twice) holidayed when she was younger, and a total contrast to the hustle and bustle she is currently experiencing.  

Today I chatted briefly to a lady and her elderly mother who were enjoying a picnic by the quiet, gentle waters of the inlet.  I crossed the footbridge to Pataua North on the other side, to the wild ocean beach.  No surfers to be found on this sunny but cool day.  

 Whangarei Harbour

The perfect day for fishing in the harbour

 Pataua South

 taken from Pataua North side of footbridge

 North side entry


  1. Such a lovely place to spend a day (or a week!).

  2. Yes, a beautiful quiet area. My daughter arrived in thailand the day the earthquake happened. You bet I was sick when I heard that. I didn't have to worry long. 20 min. later I had an email telling me that she was safe.

  3. Such beautiful, peaceful scenes...I hope your granddaughter enjoys her visit the Thailand and makes it home with lots of tales to tell.

  4. What a gorgeous area, Pauline!!

  5. I'm wondering if that is where I think it is. We walked across the bridge? Was there a camping are nearby that was closed and had strange notices up?


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