Friday, December 2, 2016

First fences

As a tribute to Margaret at looking for identity,  who is the new hostess for Good Fences, I've found a few photos of European fences.  

 At a railway station somewhere between Inverness in Scotland and Bath, in England.

No fence could contain the glory of the beaches in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland

Irish fence
I'm afraid fences were the last thing on my mind when in mainland Europe, my head was turned by so many wondrous sights.  The fences here near Hagia Sophia or the Blue Mosque, as it is popularly known, were purely accidental.


  1. Beautiful places, and the perfect fences for each!

  2. Great photos and I like the rail station!

  3. That's a great variety of fences.

  4. What a cute planter train...great idea.

  5. Great photos. I love the blue train garden plots, and I particularly like the wagon wheels resting on the stone fence, too. :)


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