Friday, September 30, 2016

Fence with a view

I've been blogging so rarely there's nothing much to give up really but I'm going to take a blogging holiday all the same and retreat into my Growlery.  Isn't that a wonderful word?  Thanks to Monica for posting it on FB.  It describes my current disposition perfectly.

I'll try to find a fence a week to keep up with Teresa's Good Fences.

While I was in Taranaki I got the shot I've been chasing for ages.  The mountain can be clearly visible from the other side but by the time I get there it has a habit of clouding over.  This time, however, the mountain gods were with me.  

I'm told being able to get a lighthouse and a mountain backdrop without being on a boat or neck deep in water at a beach is something of a photographic rarity.

This is the Cape Egmont Lighthouse which marks the western-most point of the Taranaki coast. 

I find it interesting that it's a second hand lighthouse having done duty on Mana Island, north of Wellington before being dismantled and carried in sections to Cape Egmont.  It was built in London in the mid-1800s, shipped to New Zealand in 1865, then to its final place of duty in 1881.  

I'd still like to go back there and get a shot with cows in the foreground.


  1. Oh, that's quite a shot! To have a lighthouse and a mountain is something of a juxtaposition of opposites to me.

  2. Sometimes we get the blogging blahs and it's hard to come up with posts.

  3. that's a beautiful view!

    (and i like the 'growlery' word!)

  4. Hello Pauline,

    Love that final photo, postcard perfect.

    Happy days.

  5. Hello!:) Yes indeed! This surely must be a unique sight, having both lighthouse and mountain in the same place. Lovely views and fence photos.

  6. Wow, I guess they are all fences with amazing, stunning views! bravo!

  7. Well I've certainly never seen the combination before (lighthouse and mountain with snow on top!) Good luck with getting the cows in as well next time...
    Also wish you a good growl and hope that a short one will turn out to be enough! :)

  8. Oh Wow Pauline. These are gorgeous.

  9. What an astonishing journey for a lighthouse. One would have thought it would have been much easier to have built it in situ. The photos are, as always, beautiful.


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