Friday, July 8, 2016

The lost back fence

Last week I posted the brick fences at Arundells, Edward Heath's former home in Salisbury, England.  At the time I couldn't find any shots of his back fence, just the rural scene as I poked my camera through the fence.  Guess what I just stumbled upon, filed in 'Fences', where all good fence shots should be?  Yes, that back fence.

Closer to home there's lots of rain hanging around those mountains and the waterways in the low places are filling up.

 I've got the mid winter sluggish can'tbebothereds.  

But only two more sleeps and the little man who brings light and laughter with him will be here! 

Linking to Teresa's Good Fences.


  1. These are lovely rural scenes showing the fence. Nicely captured.

  2. I've been in a bit of a "can't be bothered" mood most of this week...and it's showing no signs of shifting!

    Your filing system is excellent. If I looked under "fences" the neighbours would probably wonder what I was doing!! :)

    Have a good weekend, Pauline. Lovely pics, as usual. :)

  3. You have a great collection of fence photos. They need to be scrapbooked into a photo book.

  4. I really like the moody landscape you show us in that last shot. Very intriguing.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. a good comparison of two "working " fences. They are also set in a beautiful location.

  6. I wish I had a filing system. I really like the last shot, there's so much to look at.

  7. a pretty view point.

    (i fixed your link. there was an error so i re-did the link-in.) :)

    1. Thanks, Teresa. Don't know how I messed it up. Or perhaps it was just one of those blogland mysteries.

  8. sounds like me....always in plain sight and I can't see it.

    love your pics. enjoy your grandson

  9. The fences couldn't be more different, yet both are in such lovely places!

  10. These were both wonderful fence shots. So different but each has it's own unique beauty.

  11. At least Pauline it's winter with you and poor weather can be expected (although in Hawkes Bay it's been brilliant until this weekend). However here in the Hebrides it's rain and wind and 13℃ and it's mid summer!

  12. The last shot is a winner. Love it. Me too I have the winter can't be bothereds. The little man will soon shake that out of you. Have fun.


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