Thursday, May 19, 2016

Home again, home again, jiggety jig

Don't get me wrong, I love visiting Taranaki, my daughter and her family and the visits on my way down there and coming back with my other daughter.  But nothing beats coming home again, the comfort of the familiar sights and routines. And attending a stretch class.  How my body misses those strenuous stretch classes.  No matter how hard I try on my own I don't push myself like I do in class.  And I do so enjoy the company of the other ladies who attend this class.  This morning, from my position on the floor I could see out the door, across the lawn and burial ground of the marae to the other side of the harbour.  Who could ask for more?

I flew down to Taranaki on a very early flight, leaving Auckland in the dark and watching day break along the way. 

  Mt Ruapehu in the distance.  It sits in the middle of the island, roughly 250 kms from the coast. 

 I should have known from the strong colours in the sky that morning that rough weather was ahead.

But why worry about what can't be changed when there is a beautiful early morning to enjoy?  The morning was still and clear, the sun just starting to touch the tops of trees along the roadside.  No snow on Mt Taranaki as yet.  It's been unseasonally warm lately.

It wasn't long before the rough weather moved in and the mountain, which can most times be seen from this spot, is hiding behind the fog and mist.

Not that I cared too much about the weather.  I had a lovely visit with the family.  And when I went down to the harbour to take another photo this morning it had started to cloud over and now it is raining here.  Well, trying to rain.  


  1. What a view. Is the cemetery inspiration or a warning not to overdo it?

  2. Some cracking images there Pauline. Well I bet your coming into winter weather is a helluva lot better than our coming into summer weather at the moment.

  3. It looks like an amazing place to visit in all seasons!

  4. What gorgeous scenery, Pauline!! Those mountains are fabulous!

  5. Those mountains are beautiful! Not something I see here!

  6. Loved your post Pauline. I've just driven to the West Coast from Dunedin via Arthurs Pass and not much snow on the Alps yet either. As you said, it's been unseasonably warm.


  7. Lovely photos. Gosh Egmont ( Taranaki ) is bare!
    Love the sky photos from the plane. NZ is a great country to fly over.....I love when you can see both West and east.

  8. It's still warm here, too. I wish the cooler temps would hurry up and arrive.

    You would've jumped up quickly if you'd seen a couple of zombies roaming around that graveyard that was part of your vista! ;)

  9. Lovely to see the mountains Pauline!
    I'm trying to think where your last photo is - maybe you can let me know!

  10. I love the moody shots possible when the winter weather starts to settle on shore and mountain.

  11. Kia ora. The pictures at the urupa are my Aunty and Uncle's resting place.


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