Tuesday, April 19, 2016

All's quiet

I'll miss the chatter and the entertainment.  But not near as much as I'll miss those little arms that crept around my neck every morning when he came to my bedside to announce that he was awake.  Life is good when every new day deserves it's own announcement!

In the past I've called the shots about where we would go for a walk.  Now that he's five he's the font of all knowledge and leads me where he wants to go.  I want to go up the creek, he wants to go down.  You can guess which way we went.

Just because he's standing still, don't for one minute presume he's quiet. 

He's so like his mother - when it's time for a road-trip he's first to the car.  

While he was here we had another special visitor.  A lone black swan dropped in to spend a couple of days on the dam.   I was hoping a mate might join him or her but it wasn't to be.  At least I know the special little human visitor will be back one day.

I was surprised that it let us get as close as it did.  Aiden loved that it made footprints!


  1. As lovely as they are , I bet you like the slower pace when he goes home. I do.

  2. The joys of the presence of a child....helping us/reminding us to see the world through their eyes. :)

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  4. gotta love road trips, treasure that time cos the kids grow so fast...

  5. My three grandchildren are growing out of that time and have many of their own activities and friends and each summer bring a new challenge to keep them entertained. I do miss those earlier years.

  6. Such a special time, i know it will leave you both with happy memories,

  7. Grandkids are the geatest.

  8. It does my heart good to see grandparents spending time with their grandchildren, because that's the way it should be.
    There is also a sense of sadness that sneaks in because my daughter-in-law calls the shots and has (nastily) banned all my son's family from being part of their lives. I am considering following legal channels in order to have some time with my 4 grandchildren... they used to love coming over!


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