Friday, March 4, 2016

Sleep anywhere

My time in Greece was running out.  After we had tied up at Nea Moudania marina, we wandered to Pelagos, a nearby waterfront restaurant for a drink and dinner.  There was one waitress and no other diners. The waitress was efficient and possessed a natural, rare elegance. A delight to meet.
It was obvious this was not a tourist destination although I think there is small resort not far away.  On one website it stated it is not a tourist town, another lists the main occupations of its 9,500 residents as tourism and fishing.  It doesn't have the appearance of a touristy place that's for sure.  And the local shopkeepers certainly made no pretense of friendliness towards us. 

That night the predicted bad weather arrived and I proved that I really can sleep anywhere.  There was a hatch above my bunk under the forward deck of the boat.  I'd enjoyed the breeze it offered at night.  My brother had thoughtfully thrown a mosquito net over it to keep the little bities away.  I closed the hatch some time during the night and didn't notice that the net was caught up in the hatch.  The first I knew about the rain that arrived in the early hours of the morning was when I woke up soaking wet from top to toe.  Water was dripping down off the net.  As quietly as I could I changed out of my wet clothes and while I was getting dry clothes from my suitcase (which was perched on one corner of my bunk), I noticed the spot under the case was the only dry spot on my bed.  Trouble was it wasn't a very big spot but I discovered it was big enough for my backside.  The space above the spot wasn't very high either but I could fit under there as long as my neck was on a weird angle.  Not the most comfortable sleeping position but sleep I did.

The next day Judy spoke to the lovely waitress at the restaurant about the best way to get me to Thessaloniki airport the following morning.  She suggested a taxi and offered to order one for me.  

That night we splashed out and dined at the one flash restaurant in town.  It was sparkly and touristy (so maybe there is some truth in the tourism claim), excellent food and service.   I was fighting feelings of sadness that my grand adventure was coming to an end.  But just a little excited about getting home and seeing the family again.  

A taxi met us at the agreed spot the next morning at 7 am and I said my farewells to my brother and his wife.  There's no way I could have thanked them for their wonderful hospitality at their home in England, our brief excursion to France, our time in Turkey and that wonderful week sailing in Greece.

About 27 hours after leaving Nea Moudania I arrived back in Auckland.  The only anxious moments were waiting for my flight from Thessaloniki to Istanbul to depart.  There were announcements which I couldn't understand and my fellow passengers didn't seem too agitated so I look my lead from them.  The flight departed over half an hour late but was only 5 mins late in arrival.  The transfer lounge in Istanbul was hot and crowded and thank heavens I didn't have a long wait for my flight to Singapore.  It was very early in the morning when I reached Changi Airport in Singapore, such a delightful airport, and I had a bit of a wait for my last flight.  Luckily I found a few vacant seats in a quiet spot and had another nap.  I had watched a few movies on various flight and slept well.  

My daughter met me in Auckland and whisked me off to her place for the night. I slept soundly for about eight hours, woke quite refreshed and by 2.15 that afternoon was on a bus for a five hour trip to Taranaki to visit my other daughter.  You've guessed it, I had another sleep on the bus.  No sign of jetlag then or later.  I am so thankful that I travel so well thanks to my ability to sleep anywhere.    


  1. This looks a great town. I don't like tourist traps.
    I am full of admiration. I couldn't face all the flying.

  2. I really admire you for the ease that you can travel from place to place and get your sleep so easily. I will have trouble sleeping in new places and in public places.

  3. wow! you are a brave sole Pauline. I have always wanted to visit Greece, but lately it is not so welcoming or safe is it? to travel to I mean.

  4. Sounds like a terrific adventure. I would love to go sailing in Greece. I'm envious. Looking forward to seeing some of the lovely photos you shot.

  5. A non-touristy town sounds like a great place to end up. Thank you for letting us come along on your adventure!

  6. I do wish I was a mellow a traveler as you. I can sleep on a plane, but would be afraid to sleep on a bus...afraid of a pick-pocket. And sleeping on a boat...ah well, not in a storm. Your trip sounds perfect and I hope you kept a journal.


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