Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A slow trip

On my way to join my exercise class for lunch at a small cafe beside Ruakaka Surf Beach (we had already done our exercise) I stopped by a small tidal estuary.  It's not usually much to look at but this day at low, low tide I thought it looked quite lovely. I'll have to go back another day when the tide is in by just a little bit more. 

After lunch I headed south to Auckland and was in the mood for appreciating life and meandering.  I explorer a few side roads which lead towards the Kaipara Harbour.  Now I know which roads offer the best view I can do so again on a clearer day.

Sunday was one of those beautiful clear days we get in March.  The heat has gone out of the sun but it's still shining strongly.  On my way to the Fish Fry at Waipu Cove I called in to the Waipu River mouth down Hamon Road, always a favourite spot.

The tide was rushing in.

It was high tide at Waipu Cover but still plenty of room on the beach.

Heading home I turned off down Johnston Point Road to have a look at the Waipu River Estuary, a refuge which is the nesting area for New Zealand dotterel, variable oyster catcher and New Zealand fairy tern. The birds were all elsewhere.


  1. Stunning images Pauline. I loved the one with the sun glistening on the water.

  2. You made some great discoveries and got some great photos. we need to look at some summery photos at this time of year.

  3. The heat has yet to depart our sun here...and the mugginess has yet to leave the air/atmosphere. Autumn is very tardy!

  4. What gorgeous scenery, Pauline! I hope one day to visit NZ and see it for myself.

  5. It is grand.
    For some reason the last shot really appeals.

  6. Beautiful.
    You are responsible for my growing desire to see NZ. I am encouraging The Great Dane to think about a big trip to visit Auckland and Christchurch and to drive along some of the roads you've shown us over the years. Perhaps in our fall or later, in your fall. Our family story is some of the family came to Canada on the Hector and stayed on Cape Breton while others stayed on the Hector and ended up in NZ. I'd like to have a look at that history a bit more too.

  7. Beautiful places! It would most certainly be worth the travel to see them in person.

  8. Beautiful and warm I am envious.


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