Sunday, November 8, 2015

The week

My back demanded that I have a blogging break and my conscience joined in.  Why I should feel guilty about spending too much time dwelling on my holiday is beyond me.  Can't argue with Catholic guilt, it's always lurking. 

This week's drive to my exercise class came with a big surprise.  Only a few hundred metres down the road from my place I came around a corner and had a What the ....moment.  There in the paddock was a house where no house used to be.  I had my little moment of hearing the Dubliners singing "Ah you're drunk, you're drunk, you silly old fool."    

Thinking I had plenty of time, I stopped for a photo.  Big mistake.  Just ahead the house removal truck had just pulled out of the driveway followed by a service vehicle.   There was no way around that truck, it crawled along and stopped before approaching the single lane bridges.  It was so wide it barely fitted, I wasn't at all surprised the driver approached with such caution.  

There's a new building taking shape in the regular fashion near where I take my exercise.  Word is that it's a new gym. 

It's a bit hard to see what it's going to look like just yet.



  1. yes, I've seen a few house removals towing houses along up north, I guess more and more people are moving out of the city in search of a more quiet lifestyle :-)

  2. I think the sign says "Your Future Here!"
    but at first I thought it said "Your Future Hotel".
    You do not want to know how many times I misread things! HA!

  3. Certainly some building activity going on in the country. Hope it is not too much or too fast.

  4. It does sound like the neighborhood is growing and changing, i hope for the better!

  5. It took me a while when I first went to New Zealand to realise that 'moving house' meant exactly that.


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