Saturday, October 10, 2015

Butt of Lewis

I left this post because I wanted to use that title.  Love it.  I especially like that it is the northern most point of Lewis, not the most southerly.

I like lighthouses so I'm a bit surprised with myself that I didn't take a single photo of the one here. 

Guess I was too busy looking around.  It's very picturesque.

Graham broke out the big guns to shoot some sea-birds.  He got some great shots, hope he puts them on his blog soon.

We stopped at the Port of Ness for an ice-cream and to sit on a hill and take in the view of the tiny harbour below (at low tide).

We got back to Graham's in time for one last photo of the day.

It would take a long time to tire of that view!


  1. From north to south or visa versa.
    You get used to views usually but the beauty of Graham's view is that for three hundred days a year there isn't one.

  2. Come on Adrian it's not that bad. I can see for at least half of the days of the year....almost. Oh and during the summer that is when there's no night. It's a bit different in the winter when there's no day.

    It's fascinating, Pauline, to see your take on the visit. Your photos were so different from mine. You had a 'new' eye on a view i've seen so often over the last 40 years that I no longer see everything. I shall try and get some more photos of it in winter when the waves can crash right over the top of the cliffs. And I'll post one of the lighthouse for you.

  3. That would be a view to live with every spring/summer/autumn; i'm not so sure i could live there in winter.

  4. It's so interesting how travelling with others you can see the same views and things with totally different eyes and perspectives!

  5. I'm impressed with the 2nd picture because the little people on top give a perspective of how high the cliff is - something which is often hard to grasp with a landscape picture if you've not been there in real life.

    I have been reading many of your travel posts on my smartphone without commenting. I hope to return to them all on the computer one day for a better look at the pictures. I have more or less given up trying to comment on blogs from the phone, ever since once upon a time I managed to leave 11 identical comments on one of Graham's posts (while it seemed at my end that I could not get any of them to get through)...


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