Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Back to England

After sitting in the train for about 10 hours on my return to my brother's home after my adventures in Ireland and Scotland, I was eager for a long walk.  The last of the crops were being harvested and I no longer sneezed every other minute.  

What we would call trespassing here, is called freedom to roam in England.  I followed the paths my s-in-law had taken me on before I left for Ireland but it did feel a little strange to just stroll up the driveway to a private and rather grand home, enter the grounds and stroll along their laneway.

This freedom to roam system must be impossible to police, yet it works. It seems farmers happily keep the paths open and maintain them for the benefit of walkers and, in return, Joe Blow public respects the farmers’ land, crops and animals.  Mutual trust and respect - I like that.

Within metres of my brother's home is the smallest church in England.   It seats just 27 people and was once used to give shelter to pilgrims on their way to Glastonbury to visit the shrine of St. Joseph of Arimathera.  It was a bit before the days of the music festival. Tradition has it that it was founded in 1235 and in 1340 it was rebuilt by Richard Plaisted.  The little hamlet, Chapel Plaister, takes its name from this builder.

It stands very close to a busy road, under huge old trees.  I should have braved the traffic and crossed the road for a distance shot rather than wait beside it while Peter retrieved the key from its hiding place.

 This is a bit blurry but you can see how narrow the little church is.


That sign beside the front door really is necessary.  You could probably take 3 or 4 steps out the door before being barreled by passing traffic.

There's another quaint little church not far from Peter and Judy's home.  It stands in an old and overgrown graveyard.  The sort of place a ghost would love.

Peter rested on the seat outside the church door while I wandered around.  I thought he made a perfect Waiting for God image sitting there looking towards the heavens.  I don't post process my photos, don't have the imagination or the patience.  But with this one shot, I wanted to give it a try.  And while I was fiddling, this happened.  Sorry, Pete, I just love it!  With a bit of luck neither he, his wife nor his children will see this post!  Shhhhh!


  1. I enjoyed the last image. Very artistic.

  2. Lovely image. Small chapels have such a cozy feel, they are nice places for some private quiet time.

    Being able to roam like that is something i wish we could do here. There are parks, but it's not the same.

  3. The path system is amazing. It wouldn't happen here.

  4. This was a special treat, thank you for sharing these lovely images.


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