Friday, July 31, 2015

The grass is greener ...

on the other side of the fence.  I don't think these three agree.  Having successfully escaped to the other side, all they wanted to do was get back.

In three more sleeps I'll leave winter behind and head off to see if the grass is greener in the northern hemisphere.  I'll see if the locals I meet are as accepting of differences as my neighbours are. 

I had time to fill late one afternoon during the week and stopped to take a photo of a church I've never photographed before.  Probably because I don't pass that way very often.   It's beside the Pehiaweri Marae beside the road to Ngunguru. It looks to be recently painted. 

The next day I had time for a few shots of the Whangarei Harbour.  I'm glad I enjoyed those few minutes of tranquility as shortly after the doctor was jabbing a needle that looked like it was intended for a horse into the bottom of my heal with the promise it would help me walk in foreign lands without limping.

 As I've been writing this I've had a visitor.  She could have been sent to remind me to count my blessings, she has lost the lower part of a leg.  Heather found her while out horse riding when she was very young and brought her home to feed her and treat the wounded leg.  I thought her chances of survival were slim but here she is today, quite healthy and managing very well.  Well enough to sneak into my garden!

I probably won't post again before I leave and don't expect to much while I'm away.  I simply don't have the patience for entering text on the tablet.  I will visit other blogs if I can.    

See you on the other side.


  1. Hmmm... If you say so... (I feel like I stumbled into the story of the Emperor's New Clothes - can't see anything here but the headline!)

  2. Really? Cripes! I hope it fixes itself. Maybe a good long rest will do the trick.

  3. beautiful images Pauline. love the first and last image. enjoy your trip.

  4. Pauline, enjoy your trip to the other hemisphere, see you when you get back.


  5. Sheep are annoying beasts. I occasionally look after them and On my walk round the flock will usually find escapees bleating to be let back in or even more annoying one caught in a fence. They let you struggle to reach them then miraculously free themselves.
    The church does look very smart.
    Have a good holiday.

  6. Oh dear Pauline I nearly cried with laughter at the thought of meeting you 'on the other side'. I sincerely hope that when I pick you up from the airport in just over two weeks it will be very much on 'this side'. Travel safely.

  7. OH! You are going to the Isle of Lewis? Lucky you!!
    I LOVE your photos here! The one of the church is so lovely.
    Have a wonderful time and hope the "jab' helps with your walking!

  8. Sweet little sheep and so lucky to be taken care of. These photos are wonderful Pauline. The church picture was very pretty and I loved the shadows cast by the tree branches. Happy travels when you do go traveling.

  9. Today I can see the pictures and the rest of the text. It all makes a lot more sense that way! :D (last time I only did see the headline) Wish you all the best for your journey - including some sunshine on the Island!

  10. Have a safe journey...enjoyed the pics. That church is a beauty. Love the one of the sheep. It looks like they are hurrying home....

  11. Hope you are enjoying your trip and your foot is okay. Looking forward to hearing about your travels. A great post about sheep and tranquility. I guess that sums up NZ.

  12. A great series of images, Pauline! I thought I'd come here to see if you had posted any shots from your holiday but realised you are still not home yet. It was great to see your visit with Graham. It looks like you had a fabulous time with him!


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