Friday, June 5, 2015

Jami sings

This time yesterday I was in the supermarket.  Shopping of any sort is not a favourite activity for me and grocery shopping is my least favourite. I do admit I don't mind it as much these days when I have no time constraints.  And I do try to not be one of those oldies that gets in everyone else's way.

I was already in a pretty happy mood as I'd had my laugh for the day when I had an amusing exchange with a rather morose looking young Maori guy while I was parking my car.   He was standing smoking beside his car when I pulled alongside it to reverse into the space behind his vehicle.  He must have thought I wasn't up to the task as he came up beside my car and started giving me hand directions and let out a very loud "whooa" when he thought I was close enough to the car behind.  I was amused by this as I don't need any help to reverse into a carpark, thank you very much.  But I decided to be polite and called out a thank you to the man as I locked the car.  

He was still there when I returned to the car but had undergone some sort of personality change.  He approached me and with a big smile and asked did I need his help to get out of the parking spot?  I was tempted to give him a half smart response but instead told him I'd appreciate it if he could keep an eye on my back bumper for me when I reversed.  As I got into the car he said, "See ya.  And you have a lovely day, young lady."

I wonder if he still feels as good today about helping a senior citizen as I do about letting him do so.      
It was busy in the supermarket.   I seemed to be moving through the aisles at the same speed as a young man with a little girl, around two years old.  He obviously wasn't very familiar with the lay out and I'm just slow.  When he threw goods into his trolley it's a wonder they didn't break or burst open.  He wasn't a very gentle soul.   I was behind him when we reached an aisle blockage.  A lady had left her trolley in the middle of the aisle.  Without hesitation the guy advanced on the trolley and with a quick right hand down movement flicked his trolley to the right, knocking the other out of his way.  There's probably a better word to describe that trolley driving action.  He said, "Oh sorry" (yeah right!) and marched on through the gap.  I smartly followed, trying to suppress my smile.  The look on the face of the unthoughtful shopper who had just left her trolley there without a thought for anyone else, was gold.                    

When the young man next stopped to add to his purchases I remarked that he had some good trolley action back there.   
"Haven't got all day.  The missus is crook." 
Then, in a much softer tone, "I need to get home to her."  

I hope the missus is feeling better day.

I try not to brag too much on my blog about the achievements of my grandchildren.   I don't mind if the world knows how much I love them but I don't really want to be one of those boring overly adoring grandmothers.  

Young Jami does deserve a special mention, though.  She has been blessed with a lovely signing voice and I firmly believe it is our duty to develop the gifts with which we were born.  Jami has done that.  On Wednesday and Thursday nights she performed with her all girl school band in a charity fund raising concert with the theme being a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones performing at the Auckland Town Hall, a dedication to the Rolling Stones concert.  Imagine - my 16 year old granddaughter, performing at the Auckland Town Hall and getting a standing ovation after performing a very scaled back version of Sympathy for the Devil.  I reckon Mick would have been proud. 

The photo is courtesy of Blair Quax.
Hope this link works, I'm hopeless at this sort of thing:


  1. A grand post. It gave me a sense of life in the antipodes. I do have a couple of minor criticisms I'm afraid. It's singing not signing and where is the sound? No good bragging and then not letting us hear for ourselves.

  2. A lovely post Pauline and I would say you bave every right to brag about your grandchildren. I wouldn't mind hearing about their achievements at all. How wonderful about your granddaughter. She is a very pretty young lady.

  3. Go ahead and brag, as that is the rewards of living to a ripe old age. Lovely photo. I also hate grocery shopping, but now I will do more people watching and maybe it will go better.

  4. Hi Pauline, Nice post. The young lady has a wonderful voice.

  5. You had a great day. Being positive in all situations is the best way to go. You influence people and leave yourself feeling great.

  6. I found the link and she looks the business. The voice is good but the sound is awful. Which cretin edited the tracks. You could download Audacity for free and clean up the echo and knock the backing back a notch. There is a project for winter evenings and it's free fun. I bet the sound recordist has at least four sound tracks to play with.

  7. I think it's heartwarming to meet people who are helpful with great manners - totally makes my day better :-)

  8. She's lovely, and as they say in Texas, if you done it, it ain't braggin'.

    Those were interesting encounters you had at the shop. It's amazing what can happen to you in the course of what we think of as the ordinary.

  9. I hate grocery shopping as well, especially in the supermarkets but of course we don't have very many corner shops left, if any. It sounds like you had an interesting shop.
    Your grand daughter looks great, kudos to her.


  10. WOW. Jamie is certainly very talented and beautiful as well. I hope she goes on to great things. In fact the musicians were all very good indeed. It's quite strange seeing Jamie now like that. It seems so many years ago in their house in Auckland. Perhaps it was so many years ago. I enjoyed those times.

  11. She is beautiful.

    i like your stories :>)

  12. I chuckled reading your shopping story. It seems I do a lot of grumbling these days. What is it about older folks that we get so cranky in our golden years? I guess it comes with the territory.
    Your granddaughter is absolutely beautiful and to know that she can sign too must put a big a smile on your face. Thanks for sharing her story with us too.

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jamie's performance. She has great control in her voice. Her girl band did a great job with the song. I really liked the arrangement. And there was a lot of people in that building. What an awesome night for your family.

  14. I really enjoyed this tickled at the shopping cart description. Most of the time I am very aware and stay out of the way...but every now and then I have a lapse in judgement. However, the one local Walmart--it is so small, we usually just move each other's buggy's...the aisles in it are so narrow there is just barely room enough to pass.

    HOWEVER, one time this lady and her mother were taking up the entire aisle...just oblivious to the world. I got so aggravated, I went to the other end and stood and ignored them when they were ready to move forward. But guess what? I don't know if she remembers, but she now works there and her husband had helped roof our house. And we always talk like old friends...

  15. Meant to say, brag on your grands all you want...we are allowed. And I was so hoping that was going to be a video of her singing...I wanted to hear her. Do you know if she has any videos on youtube? I love singing, but only do it where no one can hear me...I do NOT have that gift.

  16. Hello Pauline,

    I have to say shopping centres and carparks make for interesting times indeed!
    Jami and her school friends were amazing, thanks so much for sharing their talents with us.

    Happy days.

  17. i think it is wonderful when peeps brag about their's so much better than listening to the same peeps complain. or hear them talk down about the "younger generation" who i personally think are awesome!!!

    a beautiful picture of a beautiful girl!!!

    and i despise shopping, of any kind!!!

  18. Your granddaughter is beautiful! Shopping is not my favourite thing to do either so your adventures in the parking lot and store made me smile. ;)

  19. Wow!! Just WOW! Jami has a fantastic voice and a bright future ahead. I hope she pursues something in the music/voice field.
    I had a look at the other videos of her singing. You have every right to be proud!


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