Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fresh fields and pastures new

It's been six years since Shayde, Georgia and I had our mystical adventure tracking the creek which runs through the farm, up through our neighbours farm, up towards its source in the forest.   Now that farm is part of this farm and I am free to wander there again. Pastures new for the cows - and me.

Yesterday was such a lovely, bright sunny day I decided I couldn't wait for someone to visit who might want to accompany me and set out on my own.  I can't think of anything better than strolling in the sunshine beside a creek, listening to the babble as the water rushes over rocks.  I remembered the place where the girls announced there was magic but luckily I didn't need anything more than my gumboots and a walking stick to help me keep my balance as I crossed. 

From this point on I needed to cross the stream a number of times as I picked my way, deciding which side was the easiest bank to walk along.  In some places a bank is steep, in others the thick bush grows right down to the water.

I found a tiny waterfall in under a bank of thick vegetation, where another little stream leads into this one.  I was alerted to it by the sound of falling water or I wouldn't have known it was there.

My photos aren't very good.  I set out without looking at the clock.  It was the middle of the day (and I was feeling more than a little peckish by the time I got back home).

Finally I came to where the fairies live.  For a minute I thought I saw a little girl playing there, too.  But the little girl has grown now and no longer lives in the magical world of a six year old. 

This is as far as we went last time we came up here.  And as far as I could go this time, too.  I couldn't find a track on either side to follow.  I will come back in summer with suitable footwear and wade the rest of the way.

I want to see what lays ahead. 

I left the creek and followed a track through a paddock until I came to the boundary fence with the forest.  I will think of that paddock as the place of the pheasants.  I first one I disturbed took flight from under my feet practically.  I got such a fright, I dropped my walking stick.  I've never seen so many of them in one place before!

The tower on the mountain is a lot closer up here.

And there are the cows enjoying their new pasture.  I'll have to go up the other side of the creek to get to there. 


  1. It's funny how you lived in the area for a long time and haven't found the source. Good luck next summer.

  2. That is a wonderful place, well worth a good explore.

  3. Well, I would keep wandering and forget about food and rest as well. Such a lovely area.

  4. Lovely photos from a magical walk. I think that six year old is still around somewhere.

  5. A very happy adventure! Next time, i hope you do get to go the rest of the way.

  6. If I were there I would be wanting to wade the sure is beautiful there.

  7. I love getting out in the paddocks and bush, well i did as a kid, but living in town now it is a different story. I look forward to seeing more of your photo's as you go up to the source. That will be magic :)


  8. You will laugh but my first thought (actually my second because my first thought went to visits to the creek when the girls were young - how long ago that seems) was whether you left a note to say where you had gone and did you have your cellphone with you. If you slipped an broke an ankle would anyone find you before nightfall? I have my reasons for being very careful in that way.

  9. lovely! nothing better than discovering things like this, are you anywhere near waipu caves?

  10. How gorgeous is that! It does look magical.


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