Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Go Green

I had no plans for last weekend but that changed.  In a good way.  My friend, Chris, had two free tickets to the the Go Green Expo in Auckland so a trip to Auckland it was.  

My daughter and grand-daughter met us there although we had to split into two groups.  There was quite a crowd and even in pairs we had to keep an eye on our partner or risk losing them for a while.  It was easy to become interested in something and forget to tell my mate I was stopping for a bit.  Or to wander off when my interest faded, forgetting I wasn't alone.  

It was a world of organic, natural, healthy, sustainable, holistic - and a few other buzz words.  

I'm no scientist but I suspect a lot of the scientific evidence I heard about were more likely small scale studies of believers.  A fragment of science is not the same as science itself. 

I suspect more than a few stall holders confuse their belief with science and that some of the products rely more on faith healing than the science their sellers so glibly sprouted about.  

I bought a very nice aromatherapy perfume from the two ladies who produce the range of products. Not exactly the last of the big spenders.  In most cases the price of being green was far too high for me.

And I did taste some really nice organic, natural and healthy food.  I'll be having a go at making yogurt from coconut milk in the very near future.  That was delicious.  

I only took one photo and that was of a sign at what I thought was one of the best stalls.  The stall holders were young, bright-eyed and very friendly.  Their company is quite new and their enthusiasm was quite contagious.  I really liked what they were producing from discarded wooden pallets. 

I have no idea what the hell I've done to the font on this page.  Try as I might, I can't change it.


  1. This looked like a real interesting event Pauline. I am trying to go as green as I can and hope those high prices will come down eventually.

  2. It's a dilemma i've pondered much, the expense of some of these products.

    It sounds like it was a beautiful day with a friend.

  3. Going green is a good thing, but those who want to make money will certainly join the bandwagon and we must be smart about that.


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