Saturday, March 14, 2015

The non church

I spotted it from a distance, its roofline and spire announcing for all the world to see, "Here is a church".  The entrance, when I found it, was a bit rough but by no means the worst I've seen to a rural church.

It was obvious there were some renovations going on.  The whole building and grassed area around it was taped off to protect new lawn and new paths.  I'm so slow sometimes.  "Nice that it is being loved", I thought.  It has had a new paint job and new front and back entrances.  The little tub of flowers was a sweet touch.

First up I wandered around the front to the right.  That was when I started to wonder if perhaps this was no longer a church.  The artifacts in the corner seemed a bit strange for a place of worship.

Back around the front and look to the left.  That back porch is a little un-church like and I do declare that I can spot a beer box on the porch. 

I remember another time when GB and I were church hunting up on the Karikari Peninsula and, after a bit of driving around, found our way to what looked to be a church.  That time a fierce looking and even more fierce sounding dog charged at the car to let us know we had made a mistake.  We didn't hang around to take photos that day.

At this stage on Monday I got back in the car and took the last couple of shots out of the car window with the car facing the road in case I needed a quick getaway.   Nah, not really.  I'm fairly confident that whoever had turned this lovely building that was surplus to the requirements of some religion into such a warm and welcoming home would make me welcome. 

Maybe I presume too much.  One day it might get me into trouble but not this day.


  1. They have made a beautiful home of it.

  2. Looks cute, I would like to live in there :) And I love that little tub with flowers :))
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Absolutely stunning images. The place looks amazing. Love it!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. A lot of detail going. on there.

  5. Hi Pauline, what a wonderful old church redesigned for a home. All the touches and details made with care and it has so much charm. You captured some great photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, CM

  6. Whoever did this place had a lot of taste. Nice story.

  7. It's nice that the building is being preserved, even if not for its original use.

  8. Beyond lovely! Sweetly charming!

  9. Happens more and more here too I think that old chapels or churches are sold to be used for other purposes. I can imagine that whoever took over this one might get a few surprise visits as it still looks so much like a church!

  10. There are so many old churches around the country sitting on hillsides just like this one - I wonder where your one is?
    Someone with foresight has created their little haven - nice to see it has a new lease of life!

    Lovely to meet you through Theresa's Good Fences Pauline.

    Lovely to m

  11. It’s a very elegant building with its clean lines.
    Bt where’s the spire you mention?

  12. Shane, the old church is up a small side road off SH1 at Mata, south of Whangarei. I found it when I took a drive up the road looking for some different fences.

  13. Hi Friko, You know I swear I saw a spire! It must have been the pitch of the room that told me it was a church.

  14. looks like someone has a sweet cozy little home in the church now. hope they appreciate it.

  15. I remember that 'church' with the dog very well Pauline! We had spent so much time finding the right road to it as well. This one looks much more loved and I don't think the residents would have been hostile.


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