Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pam is on her way.

Nights are starting to cool down and we are about to wave goodbye to summer in a big way.  Cyclone Pam is making her way south having wrought death and destruction on Vanuatu.  She'll lose power as she hits our cooler waters, of course and is expected to pass to the east of the country but is still predicted to pack a punch.  

Yesterday evening, a couple of minutes before dark, I thought the sky foretold stormy weather.

The night before it was the bright moon that caught my eye in the middle of the night.  There's a big old pine tree in the paddock at the back of my house.  It's an ugly old thing but has moments of beauty when the last of the afternoon sun hits its exposed branches.  Or, at this time of year, when the moon peeps through it after midnight.


The first of the wind has arrived, just very light gusts and the old tree is starting to dance around a bit.  I wonder if this could be its last storm.

I thought I'd take photos of the other two trees that are in constant view which could be taken out by a decent wind.  You never know, do you?

I've been out into the yard and moved anything I think might get blown around.  The last of my dahlias could take a battering.  Doesn't matter, they are long past their best. 

The hydrangeas are well and truly finished.  I like them at this stage as much as when they are in full bloom.

I'm ready.


  1. My heart hurts for those impacted by this storm, with memories of past hurricanes here dancing in my head.

    All who have been affected, and all in the path of the storm, are in my prayers.

  2. Stay safe. The only thing you can do is secure stuff that might blow around.

  3. It's "batten down the hatches" time I'm afraid Pauline!
    I agree with you our summer is now on the wane.
    I've had the best year ever with my hydrangeas - I think it's because of the long dry spells.
    I love the faded drying heads too!
    Fingers crossed your garden doesn't get a battering.

  4. Such a dangerous storm. Hoping you are safe and you do not lose trees. Those tall fellows are like old friends. Keep us posted.

  5. Take care. I hope those trees won't fall onto your house.

  6. The first two images are just gorgeous Pauline! :)
    And I love the fifth picture, it is so different to what I'm used around here. First the different tree and second, the very different landscape.
    Hope nothing happens to that tree, otherwise we wont get to see you around for some days I guess, because of the power line :)
    Stay safe!
    Have a beautiful day

  7. be safe friend.

    pretty captures of the trees and moon

  8. I hope the storm won't cause too much damage, Pauline! Keep safe.

  9. Your dahlias are beautiful I hope Pam didn't ravage them! And I hope the storm is not too severe!


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