Sunday, January 4, 2015

Road trip to Wellington

I mentioned the other day that I'd had a road trip to Wellington with my daughter and little grandson.  Justine is a confident driver and is reasonably familiar with Wellington roads but we were still thankful for the GPS to help us find our way into the inner city.  How did we manage before this techno wizard?  I know mine gave me a new lease on life when it comes to venturing into new territories.

While there we met up with my other grandson, the 21 year old student.  They adore each other these two boys and I just love to see them together.

I'm not a city person but I do like Wellington.  We were out and about in the evening when there weren't many people around despite it being just a few days before Christmas.

You know me, always like to see a good church and on our way to dinner we passed the beautiful Sub Marinae Nomine.  It was built in 1922 but is now closed for seismic strengthening after a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in July 2013.  I might even get back one day to see inside when the work is completed.


And the next morning I actually enjoyed sitting at a bus stop while the young walked several blocks to do some shopping. 

Traffic was light, there were just enough people around to give me something to watch.  No big city hustle and bustle.


On the way south I'd managed to get a photo of a small herd of Belted Galloways which I thought would get me points with Georgia as last time we discussed favourite cattle they were at the top of her list.  Fail.  She wasn't at all impressed and informed me ordinary Galloways are much better.  Maybe next time I'll do better.


  1. -sigh- this gorgeous post brought back lots of memories of visits past :)
    PS I love Belted Galloways! mmm, but they are a second favourite to Herefords :)

  2. Thank you for the little sight seeing tour Pauline :)

  3. That second to last street shot is really amazing. Great angle. Odd that the city is so calm and quiet? Is this just the season or reflection of a recession?

  4. Hello Pauline, wonderful shots from your road trip! I love the shot of your two grands together. The cattle shot is great too. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  5. Those are wonderful impressions from your road trip. I've enjoyed them a lot.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. It looks great for a town. Belted Galloways are better than Galloways. You can find them in the dark.

  7. Some wonderful shots! Love seeing the city and how nice that you had time with your grands.

  8. Now belted Galloways? I'd never heard of them. You learn something knew every day.

  9. Lovely city scenes! Hope the church restoration is done soon, i love seeing beautiful churches, in person or in pictures.

  10. Nice to see the city sites of Wellington. I have been there but only overnight. I have always wanted to return. The church is a beauty.

  11. I've now read this three times and not left a comment. I've been to Wellington on so few occasions that I couldn't place the various pictures but I've had a bit of a re-cap. I wish I had been there more often even though I'm not a lover of cities. When I get back there will be the incentive of the family children there at Uni.


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