Wednesday, January 21, 2015


It was peaceful down the back of the farm yesterday evening.  The cows were ambling back to their paddock after being milked, they obviously didn't expect to see me.

I'd been invited to visit the girls who were camping out for the night and was delighted to be invited to share their dinner.  Yum.

The first hint I had that it's not so peaceful this morning was when Shayde rang and said there was something going on up at the big farmhouse that I'd love to take photos of.  I could hear the digger from my house but didn't realize where it was working.  What was happening was a lot more interesting than digging a drain.  The time had come to rip out the thick bamboo that was growing at the back of the farmhouse.  The digger was making quick work of it.

The stack of removed plants grew and grew:

Job done!

A few interesting objects were unearthed including this old bottle.

They now have a much bigger flat area at the back of the house and much more light can get into the yard. 

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?


  1. There is rarely a dull moment.

  2. Hi Pauline, that was one interesting post :) I've heard of bamboos people could not get rid of until they finally burned the roots.
    That old bottle find is very interesting!
    Have a great day

  3. Gorgeous images Pauline - I loved those two gorgeous 'cow'-girls!
    It's all happening down on your farm!

  4. The camping out looks like "real" camping. It looks like great fun and great food.

  5. A pretty place to spend the night outdoors!

  6. I like their camping spot, and the food looked yummy!

  7. you could make a floor out of your bamboo!!

    i love the look on the face of the cow on the left.

  8. love the cows. quick work made by big machines!

  9. I love those cows Pauline!
    Oh to experience life on a farm again! I remember visiting our Nan's family dairy farm as a child during the holidays. It was an experience watching the cows being milked by the machines early in the morning before the trucks arrived to collect the milk.

  10. I was astonished when I first saw how huge bamboo can grow.


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