Monday, December 15, 2014

Rainy days

It seems to me a lot of farming is a matter of timing.  Or good luck.  Or a mixture of both.  I was reminded of this at the weekend when I noticed lots of bales of haylage sitting in the rain waiting for pick up.  There wouldn't be any baling going on at the moment no matter how ready the grass is, it's been raining for a few days.  The happy farmers are those who got their crop cut early. I remember the feeling of satisfaction when the hay was baled before Christmas and on one occasion dreading that it might not be completed on Christmas Eve and wondering how to break it to the kids that Christmas would be postponed.  (All was well, we finished just before midnight.)  That was back in the days of little hay bales when most farmers had their own equipment.  Now the equipment is so huge and expensive its the domain of contractors so their availability is added to the good luck mix.

On Sunday morning there was water where there is usually none. 

Closer to home the creek had only overflowed its banks in a couple of places.  Which is just as well, as my son's maize crop which is coming along nicely so far, is right beside the creek.  The plants would have loved the rain but wouldn't have been so happy under water.  Bit of good luck there. 

I wasn't about to get out of the car to check the creek level at this spot and ended up with a shot I like of the flax bush.  Good luck.

On Saturday my friend Chris and I went to the Ruakaka Surf Beach Markets, a special event for the holidays.  Such a disappointment for the few brave stall holders.  It was only drizzling but that was enough to keep most people away.  Most of the action was at the bouncy castle.

And Chris' roses appreciated the rain. 


  1. Well your world is greener than mine but the grey-and-wet-ness seems about the same! Still feels weird to me to read about crops in the same sentence as Christmas, though. ;)

  2. We had a good summer but I noticed that the haylage is much wetter than usual. It's not nice filling a dozen haynets with freezing haylage. I wonder if there is a machine for doing it?
    I hope the weather picks up for the holiday.

  3. I hope the skies will clear up for you soon. Although there is much to be seen during rainy weather, as is proven by your gorgeous photography and especially that last image of the rose.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. It's nice to have rain, but not too much rain. Where's that happy medium?

  5. Finishing haying Christmas Eve is a hard one for me to get my head around.

  6. A farmers lot is a hard one. The bouncy caterpillar looks like fun, great colourful shots. The rose and raindrops is beautiful.

  7. Oh Pauline, how often we were baling until midnight on a Christmas eve under the glare of headlights. Once again your brought back memories.


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