Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mayhem and murder most fowl

All is peaceful around the back of the house.  The passionfruit vine has gone nuts in its bid to take over the house.  If it keeps going it may succeed.  It is covered in blossoms with tiny fruit just starting to form and gently emerge from their flower homes.

But around the front all is not well.  Just look at this little girl.  Does that look like a happy chook to you?  No!  She's all ruffled and discombobulated.  Love that word and it describes her perfectly.  I checked her nest looking for the reason for her state of anxiety and sure enough her nest has been robbed.  Of the 7 eggs on which she was happily sitting, only one remains.  There is no trace of the others.  I doubt she will manage to hatch the one egg that remains as she is now super nervous and flighty, takes off from her nest every time I step outside. 

Here's what was under yesterdays photo of the striped material.  I should give up on humour, I thought the material looked like PJ material.  It was a pillowcase that I picked up for 50c at a thrift shop and turned into a cover for the machine the minute I got home. 

I love the new machine.  My old Elna finally packed it in, aged about 47.  I wonder what the equivalent would be in human years.  This one is the bottom of the range whereas the Elna was the top.   The lady who sold the newby to me said this one is unlikely to last as long as the Elna.  I told her no worries, neither was I. 


  1. Elna reminds me that my Mom bought an Elna in the early fifties. I don't know what ever happened to it.

  2. Poor Hen. Give her some hot mash to cheer her up.

  3. Poor chook. Love how you ended to post with reference to life expectancy.

  4. -chuckle- your Elna served you well Pauline! Mine is 32 years old and still going strong.
    Aren't passionfruit flowers exquisite? the detail and complexities in their formation really are something. May your fruit be plentiful. 101 ways to use passionfruit?
    Poor Ms Henny - who's the robber?

  5. Poor mama hen. It's always sad when nests get robbed.

    Hope the new machine serves you well!

  6. Awwww so sad her eggs have been robbed. the passionfruit is beautiful

  7. It's a shame about the robbed nest. I never stop enjoying your wonderful, down to earth sense of humour though.

  8. The passion blossoms are lovely. I did guess from the other post that it was a sewing machine. I have a somewhat similar cover for my own, not from a pillow case but made from a small table cloth/ mat that did not fit any of my tables anyway. :) Blue-white striped!


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