Monday, November 10, 2014

Spring babies

That clucky little hen, the one who I thought didn't pay enough attention to her eggs, has proved me wrong, she is now parading two little chicks.   She was only sitting on three.  I'd taken the others away; she is so tiny they were poking out from under her. Watching a mother hen with her chicks has to be one of the best ways to pass the time.  I just marvel at her instincts. There don't seem to be many hawks around at the moment so maybe she will manage to rear them both. 

The other family newby is getting a lot more attention.  You'd think her legs didn't work, she is getting so much carrying and cuddling.  Her name is Pippa.

And the heart on Georgia's face?  NorthTec, where I used to work had, an Open Day yesterday.  Heather, the girls and I went along.

It was good to have a catchup with so many old workmates.  And they had a brilliant day for the occasion, a real cracker of a day. Blue skies and pleasantly warm.

The signs yesterday evening were good for today, too.  And they were right, it's another great day.


  1. The chicks are so adorable. Love the last shot and the pink tint is has!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Baby animals are the best distraction ever. No chores get done.

  3. Babies call us to drop everything, don't they? Good luck to Mama Hen!

  4. The chick in the middle is a beauty. I hope it evades the hawks.

  5. It takes my head a while to get around "spring." It looks lush and green and with the season comes new chicks.

  6. Charming photo of the hen and chicks. The sun... I've hardly caught a glimpse of it in weeks... We're swept into grey clouds and fog here...

  7. I'm surprised but even I have to admit that the chicks really are cute. I hope they survive the hawks. And Georgia really has blossomed.


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