Wednesday, November 12, 2014


While out and about yesterday I did find a few fences to photograph.  These I found at Portland, around  Golden Bay Cement.  This one disappeared into the mangroves at one end:


and into the undergrowth at the other:


Golden Bay Cement are New Zealand’s largest cement manufacturer and supplier.  From Whangarei, bulk cement is distributed to their eight distribution centres around New Zealand, then trucked to customers.  Cement works aren't a pretty sight but mostly are hidden from view by trees just within the security fence.


I followed that rough, seldom used unpaved road through the mangroves to the old wharf.  Its later model is in the background.

While I was wandering I decided I might as well turn into Old Stone Road.

I don't know if this rock is connected to the name of the road, there is one on either side of the road just before the road enters private property.

My attention very quickly turned from the rock to the fun tree.


  1. A lovely place to explore, so lush. And that is quite a tree! It has weathered a lot to grow that way.

  2. That last shot is wonderful. Wow, what a great spot in the shades of that big tree.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. That is some interesting tree. It's huge and seems to have ladders which I'm guessing would be for children to pay in the tree.

  4. Lovely images Pauline!
    The terrain and landscapes are lovely. I hope I have the chance to see NZ one day!

  5. The Old Stone and the fun tree were pretty good rewards for your curiosity.


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