Thursday, November 13, 2014

Letter box

Saturday, Nov 1 - Sunday, Nov 2
Overnight, four letterboxes on Moore St and one on Christy Brown Pl were stolen. Police are asking anyone who hears any letterboxes being stolen to contact them through the 111 system so the offenders can be held responsible.  Waikato Times

I've been listening but haven't heard anything.

That's one of the drawbacks about living rurally - because of the distance from town, it takes a while for help to arrive in an emergency. Because of the distance between houses, we can't hear our neighbours' letterboxes being stolen.   They could scream all they like, I wouldn't hear. 

The letterboxes around here aren't worth stealing really. Like the fences, they are purely practical.  

Here are a few more fences I found on Tuesday at the stockyards in Maungakaramea.

While visiting Denise at An English Girl Rambles I found a link to Good Fences, so am linking in there today.


  1. What a peculiar thing to steal.

  2. Fascinating fences! We don't get letterboxes stolen often, but sometimes teen vandals will try to knock them off the posts as they drive by.

  3. These are very sturdy fences. Sorry about the letter box.

  4. ah, these could be in texas just as much as there. :) thanks for joining in at good fences! appreciate it very much!

  5. nice fence, looks good and sturdy. pretty country scenery in your pics too.

  6. Glad you linked up because you have a great and interesting blog. Nice fences. I just became a new follower and would love it if you could add a "Follow By E-Mail" button to your sidebar. It's easy to do.

  7. Ah, you have the great letterbox thief over there too eh?
    Honestly Pauline your first photo and the last could have been taken of my former neighbour's property in the Hunter Valley. Astounding!

  8. Good-looking, sturdy corral fencing.

    Thanks for stopping by to comment on my gate and fence.


  9. One somehow things of letterboxes as being sacrosanct but those days are obviously gone.

  10. Hi Pauline, I'm sorry about the letterboxes, hopefully they get to catch the thief soon. Great fence pictures!


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