Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Blanky chooks

My Gran didn't swear, not out loud anyway.  But she frequently used "blanky" or "blimmen".  Not that "bloody" was ever considered a serious swear word in my youth, it was a very common part of Australian speech, the great Australian adjective.   Gran didn't use it though.  I remember once when she was chasing "those blanky chooks" out of her garden, I said to her she didn't fool me, I knew she was really swearing inside her head.  She grinned and said, "But not in front of you grandchildren." Ever since I've tried to imagine her having a good old swear at something.  If anything it would be the crows.  They really tormented her when they went after her figs.  But nothing happens, Gran swearing is beyond my imagination.  

I guess it's not surprising that when my chooks are annoying me they become those blanky chooks (Aussie and Kiwi slang for chicken).  Every day I do a chook head count.  Every day there are two missing.  Every day I go on a hunt looking for nests.  I've found two abandoned nests, one had obviously been attacked by something the chook did not want to hang around and encounter again .  The eggs were nearly ready to hatch, too.  Poor little mother, I think she has gone off the cluck (doubt if that is the correct expression).  I know where the black one in the middle is sitting but she's only half hearted in her cluckiness and comes running the minute I lift the lid off the feed bin.  It will be interesting to see if her eggs hatch with such slack broodiness.  I know the general area where one of the missing is sitting but the other is a complete mystery.  I'm sure I would have smelt her by now if she is dead.  

Got to love being retired and having such weighty issues upon which to ponder.


  1. Chickens(chooks) seem to like to surprise you by showing up with clutch of just hatched chicks.

  2. -chuckle- loved this Pauline! I could relate to the lot! No Isa browns?
    My granny used to say "those blasted chooks" alot. And I'm sorry to say I say bloody thing probably a bit too much. But as you say in Oz it's just as harmless as saying "blimen".
    Have a great day hey?!

  3. They can be very devious.
    When she shows up with a brood of cockerels you can really let rip.

  4. Raising chickens is a little stressful I am thinking. I have enough trouble keeping nasties out of my garden to worry about animals.

  5. My grandmother never swore but one time in her whole life. She made that one time count!

    Hope the missing chooks turn up.

  6. Sounds like they're giving you some exercise :)

  7. As you said, Pauline, it keeps you occupied. When you said they were missing I immediately thought that the hawks had been getting very hungry. It took me a little while when I first went to NZ to genteel old ladies using 'bugger' as an everyday word.

  8. I used the farm chicken, not for eating, but their eggs. Nothing but fresh for me. Thanks Pauline.


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