Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A new church

OK, not a new church exactly.  Just new to me, discovered this morning. 

Thank heavens the impulses that grab me sometimes are quite harmless.  I felt today that I really, really needed to see something new, find something I'd never seen before, go somewhere I'd never been.  To satisfy my urge I decided to just take photos of fences, after all there are plenty of them around I've never stopped to really look at before.  On the way south out of town on my way home I decided to take the Portland turn-off.  I'll post the rest of the photos tomorrow, there aren't many of fences.  I am easily distracted.  

Today I'm celebrating Holy Cross church.  Portland isn't very big so I didn't have to go far to drive around the few streets.  One of them lead me to the little neglected church. 

The path that leads around to the back door is overgrown but must once have been quite delightful.

 The building itself seems to be in pretty good state of repair and is proving a fertile home to a few weeds.

I followed an overgrown path from the church until it disappeared into the lush undergrowth.

There were pretty harbour views from the road below the church.


According to the sign, services are still conducted here twice a month. 


  1. So is this all because the congregation has aged and no young folks live in the area or is it a lack of ministers? I say that path toward the back of the church and had an urge to volunteer to weed and plant!!

  2. I too like churches but don't much like the preaching that goes on in them.

  3. It would be lovely to worship in such a place!

  4. You found something new even though it is very old. Churches like these that sit alone causes a person to reflect on the activities that have been carried on and all the people who made things happen.

  5. That's a pretty little church and some lovely scenery Pauline. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. I had to have a look to see where Portland was. Quite a little find.


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