Thursday, October 2, 2014

Old age

I hope if ever I have to spend nearly 3 weeks in hospital I will return home in better shape than I was beforehand.  Not so my computer.  After all that attention at the techo hospital it is still running like an old (very old) dog.  The thought has crossed my mind that it is pretty old and I guess there is no cure for old age even in, more like especially in, this wonderful new world of technology. 

Yesterday was too nice a day to be worried about such things.  This spring there seem to be more than the usual number of kowhai flowering.  This one is right beside the road and I think has more flowers than it had last year.

Cattle grazing the 'long acre':

I've been doing a bit of sewing, started on my Christmas pressies. Tomorrow, if I have a bit more patience with this old dog computer, I may return to my trip in Central Queensland.


  1. Good luck with it.
    At least you have spring to enjoy.
    Computers don't last for ever sad as it is.

  2. Such a beautiful green country!

  3. Well it's certainly true that old age doesn't come alone Pauline. It's 9 years since I was early enough in NZ to see the kowhai trees in full bloom.

  4. Gorgeous countryside Pauline!

    As a very tech savvy person, I would suggest getting yourself an external hard drive to back up all your photos and documents on a weekly basis. That way, if your computer dies from old age (which it inevitably will) then you won't lose all your precious memories.


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