Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Walk in Wondai

Hotel Cecil is what caught my eye when I stopped in Wondai for a little walk around.  It's a beautiful building that looks exactly the same as in the photos I've seen of it taken in 1911 when it was opened.

For those who like the sound of these little country towns, Wondai is the aboriginal word to describe dingoes, so I think it's safe to say there were once a number of our native dogs in the area.  It was once a timber town, don't know what keeps the 2,000 or so residents occupied these days. 

I only walked as far as the post office which didn't look as good up close as I thought it might from a distance.  I passed but one resident who seemed in no hurry as he disappeared into the depths of the hotel. 

I drove around town.  It's neat and tidy, has the appearance of a well cared for place.  If there are any flash, expensive houses, I didn't see them.  I liked the place.


  1. What a superb hotel. It looks a bit expensive but hopefully worth the money.

  2. A wonderful place to spend some time. I love the balcony.

  3. I love the way they keep the old buildings in a good state of repair.

  4. I always find it a little strange when I come to a place in NZ or Australia where there is not a should to be seen. Then I recall what it's like in many a tiny French town in the evening when all the shutters will be closed and the streets will be silent. I still find it odd though for some reason.

  5. A lovely hotel, and the town seems to have the aura to match.

  6. Both wonderful buildings are reminiscent of a long gone era. I am glad they are still there and well preserved.


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