Sunday, July 27, 2014

The rift

There's been a rift in the flock.  When I saw just three hens and one rooster in the front paddock I was alarmed - where were the rest of the flock? 

Turned around and there in the back paddock was the other (often hen/rooster pecked) rooster with the three lowest ranking hens.    How did they sort themselves out like that?  The good news is the little hen in the middle in the photo below has spent her entire life on the periphery of the flock, never too far away but never part of the group.  I must be daft, I felt really happy to see her belonging, even if it is to the B team.  

The council is on the scene repairing the flood damaged road much quicker than I expected.  Well done, Kaipara Council.

Georgia and I started working on her birthday invitations at the weekend.  The child will be 11 years old.  Growing up fast but unchanged in some respects.  She still likes to make things by hand and each invitation has to reflect the friend to whom it is being given.   We also made a dozen of her favourite cupcakes to be frozen until the event (next weekend).  

While she was here I was looking for something on which to sit another beanie I've finished knitting.  No, it's not in this shot, it will remain secret until it is gifted.   Anyway, under that blue beanie is a candle holder and I was reaching up to retrieve another from on top of the china cabinet when the candle sitting on top of it toppled and hit me on top of the head.  It was a big candle and it flattened me.  I went black but didn't pass out, just slowly descended to the floor.  Had I been 30-40 years younger one may have thought it was graceful.  I was aware that I shouldn't frighten the child, so threw in a lot of dramatic moaning and groaning hoping she would think I was just bunging on a show.  She didn't make a sound.  When I struggled to my feet (which is always a struggle but a major one on this occasion) she gave a nervous giggle and said, "Are you OK?"  

Next time she comes to see me I must remember to let her feel the egg on my head.  It's impressive. 


  1. I have never managed to work out how hens sort the pecking order.

  2. Ouch Pauline, you are so brave for the sake of Georgia. I hope your egg goes down soon. Cute little story about your hens and I am glad the road was repaired. We have to detour from our favorite road because a small bridge was damaged. It has been over a month now.

  3. Good to read that the road has been fixed. After the floods in Bosnia, a lot of work is still waiting to be done up north.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Being an old softie, I also feel happy for that hen. Speaking of hens, you have an egg on your head.

  5. Proud of you for bunging on such an act I'm impressed. You poor love, must have hurt like the blazes!
    Aw, sweet happy hen story, I'm a sucker for the underdog!
    Enjoy your week, look after the egg!

  6. Ouch! It's so hard to not let on how hurt we are in front of small children who would be frightened, i'll bet you did great. She will probably be amazed by the lump.

    Good for the little hen, finally finding her niche!

  7. Good grief careful! I just love the caps you are knitting.

  8. Sorry to read about the incident. You certainly showed remarkable presence of mind. And, yes, you can add me to the list of people who feel happy for the little hen now belonging.


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