Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Some people suffer is silence, with some people the silence is louder than with others (makes sense to me!).  But my grand-daughter Krystal is simply incapable of doing any suffering whatsoever without screaming it from the rooftops. If she's off colour, everyone has to know about it.  A proper little drama queen.  I'm not being nasty, I said the same to her and she agreed.

Krystal's mother and two sisters have had the tummy bug and just quietly got on with feeling crook for a couple of days.  Krystal, however, was on death's door.  Not really, but she managed to convince me she was.  So I took her into town to see a doctor.  

The waiting room and cubicles in these medical rooms have more signs than any place I've seen.  You could sit there for hours just reading the signs.  Just as well because the wait is always long.  

I even have a favourite sign.  I tried to explain to Krystal why it was funny but she just gave me a pained look and the more I tried (I always did get grammar and syntax mixed up) the more she appeared to be suffering.  She did, however, give a wry smile when she read the rest of the notice and I quickly put the camera back in my bag. 

 The patient is recovering.

I'm off to Auckland tomorrow and will return on Friday with three year old Aiden in my charge.  (Lord, please don't let him be sick while he's in my care.)  Imagine a whole week as sole charge of an energetic little boy.  How will I cope?  Will we have fun?  I have scheduled a post for Friday but other than that I may not be around in blogland for a while.   

Happy days!


  1. Have a good trip and good luck.

  2. But how will a doctor examine the health of the phone if it is turned off? :)

    Danica is also very loud. When the kids are out playing, one hears her screechy voice -- in enthusiasm mostly.

  3. The whole week will be fun with a three year old. Enjoy!
    I learned a new word today! Crook!

  4. So they encourage hypocrisy, do they? ... as long as the doctors and nurses can't SEE the phone it's ok to keep it turned on...? (It actually took me a while to figure out that they probably do want you to turn it off anyway!)

  5. Very strange!
    As if we'd film something there anyway - not the most interesting of subjects.
    Perhaps they don't want to be caught on film or microchip or whatever!
    Perhaps they don't want someone to shoot their notice with not perfect grammar.

    Thanks for you visit earlier ~ Eddie

  6. You are cheeky taking a photo of not being allowed to photo. You are a brave grandma for taking on a lively boy for a week and for taking a sick drama queen to the doctors.


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