Friday, June 27, 2014

FSO - Open Theme

This week I'm invited to show you My Town in any way I choose.  At first I thought I'd show you the roads I travel but have narrowed it down to the road on which I live.  The farm sits on the corner of two roads so I'll include a couple of the side road as well.  

Our road is no super highway.  It's a gravel road, commonly referred to as a metal road.  Basically they are dirt roads with gravel spread on top.  Ours have a nice camber, better than you find on most paved roads.  They are constructed like that to aid drainage but it does make them more pleasurable to drive.

This is the only close up I have of the road materials.  Here, after heavy rain, because of poor drainage on the high side of the road, the flood water has formed a gutter right across the road for the water to escape.  It grew worse by the day and a couple of complaints to the council got me nowhere.  Until I sent them this photo.  I had another shot of my foot in the water with the water up over my ankle but can't find it. 

This is what Georgia calls a fluddle - a flooded puddle.  In places they creep right across the road after heavy rain.

So come for a ride down the road towards my home.   We'll meander along, twisting and turning, waving to the neighbour when he goes past.  That will probably be the only vehicle we will see in the 10-15 minute drive. 

No point in hurrying, there could be a surprise in front of us.

Just down this hill, across that little bridge and up the other side and we will be home.

You can carry on past my place if you like.

It's just more of the same.

The side road goes up over the hill country.  It's our long way to town when our road is flooded.  Takes a good deal longer to get there, too.

There will be lots of photos of others' home towns at Friday My Town Shoot Out.


  1. did this afternoon's heavy rain cause water on your metal road?

  2. This is a beautiful place. I don't know why but I always imagined it to be a one road in and one road out place.

  3. What a treat - I'm green with envy Pauline! I hope none of your fluddles become impassable!
    Many roads in Australia have no camber - it can be quite a surprise if a bend comes upon you quickly before you realise! Wise to have good tyres at all times. But when you find roads where the 'makers' have heard of cambers and incorporate them its such a pleasure to drive them.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Nr. 8 is the winner for me. I kept looking at the images for a long time and taking it in. It's such a beautiful piece of landscape.

    Mersad Donko Photography

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  6. Mersad is correct, my kind of territory, looks beautiful to me too.

  7. It looks like such a nice area to live in, and don't forget any groceries, it's a long ride back to town!

  8. A joy for me to see a foreign land in your photos! Beautiful landscape -
    Most I like the reflection in the big puddle

  9. I like the word "fluddle"! :) We get those in certain places in town too...

    It's a beautiful landscape, but as you know I prefer walking distance to town ... :)

  10. It looks like a grand location overall, despite the occasional problems.

  11. Your place is one of the loveliest places ever!

  12. I am going to use the word "fluddle" from now on. Its sound is very descriptive. I like your scenery. You live in a very nice area.


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