Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Early winter

The cowshed is in standby mode.  It won't be long and the cows will start calving again and it will be in full swing every morning and afternoon. 

There's no quiet time of the year for tractors and farm bikes, just some times that aren't as muddy as others.

The farmer stocks up on oils and other basic supplies.

They look quite prissy lined up beside the well used drums.


  1. I bet that cowshed is a bit cool in winter.

  2. Looks quite a farming enterprise there! Bet it is really busy when the milk begins to flow.
    Yes agree with Adrian - must be cold in winter.

  3. At least mud means rain and rain means water for growth. That has to be good.

  4. I have a keen bond and understanding of farm life and what you post here Pauline, but dear girl your creativity to make the seemingly ordinary into the extraordinary leaves me flabbergasted.
    Clever, creative girl! Keep 'em coming ok?

  5. farming is a hard life but also very rewarding, methinks.

    I watch the farmers round about and see them in the pub at night, flushing the mud down with a pint or two.


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