Sunday, May 4, 2014

Saturday Arvo

A Glen Eden resident told me their local rugby league team is the Pride of Glen Eden, then amended that to the Pride of West Auckland, a big pride indeed.

Yesterday afternoon I popped out to quickly return a library book for my daughter and passed the football grounds on the way home.  There was a game underway.  Wouldn't you know it, I didn't have my camera, so went back to the house, retrieved it and returned to get some photos.  The time was well after 4.30 pm and the players looked a bit tired so I figured I wouldn't have much time before the game finished.  There was just one player on my side of the field.

All the play was on the far side of the field and they were moving a bit fast for me.  The local team, Glenora Bears, are in blue.  No idea who the other guys are.

I thought I'd get a good shot when this guy was injured, but the other players still got in the way.  A sports photographer I am not.  There wasn't much wrong with him, he was on his feet in a couple of minutes - a "Hollywood" one of my neighbours informed me.

I turned my attention to the sideline - much more interesting.

There is a playground away in one corner of the park for kids who prefer doing to watching.

In other news, Leone is moving much more freely, actually following surgeons instructions and getting plenty of rest.  It seems the drugs he has prescribed don't leave any room for argument.

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  1. If that is recovery then she must have been in urgent need of surgery.
    She looks to be asleep.
    Did you prop her up for the photo.

  2. Wonderful news that Leone is following orders - and, moving much better now. I wish her well!
    I no nothing about footie Pauline, but I do appreciate the great action shots you stopped to get! :)

  3. There's nothing like rest as a healer, unless it is laughter. Let Leone sleep when it's needed and laugh a lot, and recovery will be assured!


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