Monday, May 19, 2014

Oaks Road

Thank heavens for retirement.  And being free to wander when the urge takes me.  When I passed Oaks Road on my way to and from work, if ever I thought about it at all, it was to be thankful that I didn't live on the that road, and have to pull out on to the highway from that road with its poor visibility.  Never once did I wonder where it might lead. 

Until yesterday when I wondered if there might be some nice views of the tidal creek and whether the road might lead out to a beach.  Yes and no. 

With a reflection in a puddle and a little shed thrown in.

There are only a few properties up the road and then I came to the Private Property sign and could go no further.


  1. I too have passed places and never stopped to look. This was worth a little wander.

  2. It's nice to be able to meander where you will.

    BTW, on Feedly I am able to read your next post even though it isn't published yet (it happens sometimes). Anyway, the expression the dogs "kicked off" amused me ... sort off ... because it would tend to mean they died in our slang. But I knew what you meant.

  3. It's often rewarding when we have the time and use it to explore.

  4. It's always a bonus to find something new in the familiar. That corrugated iron shed is like so many out here - every property should have one!

  5. It was certainly worth the detour though.


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