Monday, May 19, 2014

Contaminated mud

I thought the construction work at Limeburners Creek Wetlands in town meant there's to be new walkways.   I've only walked through this area once and didn't find it very inspiring and I only stopped to be a nosy parker and see what was happening.  It's in an industrial part of town,  next to a  busy road and the walk is around ponds for the town sewerage system.  Not far away is the recycling plant.  The entrance is opposite the SPCA, the dogs were kicking off when I arrived and I imagined I could hear the one that wanted me to come and take it home.  Fought off that urge!

When I stopped there on Sunday there were almost as many warning signs as there were idle machines.  Contaminated mud a greater hazard than trucks and diggers?  That's interesting.   

Is this part of the council's $4.0M sewage treatment plant I wonder?  I had to find my way past the fences.  The machines were idle but I can assure you I was aware of the mud, and stayed well clear.

I'm no engineer but I can see that has nothing to do with a walkway.  Definitely looks more sewage-ish to me.  

I was tempted to cross over the bridge.  But honestly, not only did that mud smell bad, it even looked threatening.  I do love the little bridge for the workmen though. 

 I explored further and thought I'd found another way into the area but no, it too lead to more signs.  And that darn dog was still barking.

 For the rest of the day I was stuck with Patti Page warbling in my head:
Change your reckless way of livin', cross over the bridge
Leave your fickle past behind you,
And true romance will find you,
Brother, cross over the bridge

I didn't chase it away, better that than that dog calling my name.

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  1. Wow. Patti Page and Cross Over The Bridge. It is decades since I heard that song. In fact I can't even recall when I last heard Patti Page. Talking of much is that doggie in the window?


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