Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quick, before I forget

It's not even a week ago that GB and I were at the Karikari Peninsula and already, when I look at my photos, I'm getting confused about which beach was which.  

I'm pretty sure this is Maitai Bay.  When you arrive you can either walk to the right and along this beach

or clamber up and over a bit of a hill to this bay.  It's rocky at this end but stretches off into the distance, a long sandy beach.  I don't know its name.

Nor am I sure about this next beach either.  I think it could be Karikari Beach but didn't take a note of the name of the road which lead to it, just drove to see where the road took us.  We drove through a large area of burnt tea tree.  There was a big bushfire in this area in December 2011, I wondered if we were in that place; thinking surely the tea tree would have recovered by now.  

I thought it was a beautiful place, GB didn't like its vibe.  Thinking about his reaction, I can recall some places I've visited where I've shuddered and wanted to leave immediately but never a beach.  Unless they are crowded, or polluted.   If I think long enough I'll talk myself in a full circle.
Next time I visit this area, I'm taking a detailed map.  Or it might be a better idea to stop and write down road names - but I'd still need the detailed map to retrace my steps.  Google Earth has been a help in identifying today's beaches.  This is Tokerau Beach which is 18 km long (just over 11 miles).

And I'm pretty sure this is the same beach accessed by a different road.

That was a lot of "I don't know its name"s.   I'm sure Chris or someone else who knows the area will put me right.


  1. I've just checked the map and my camera's GPS locator and it says that the first photo is Waikato Bay (the one that had the little boat with two fishermen in) and the second photo is Matai Bay. The third one (where I felt uneasy) is, as you said, Karikari Moana. The seat is, as you said, on Tokarau beach. I think the last one is the one at the end of the road past the two lakes and is on the very far end of the Karikari Moana beach on the opposite side of the peninsula from the Tokerau Beach.

    I love the photos.

  2. You live in a stunningly beautiful place.

  3. Thanks, GB. I forgot about your GPS camera. If my memory gets any worse, I'll have to get one of those.

  4. It does have some lovely spots, I agree, Adrian.

  5. Beautiful beaches and scenery.

  6. I like the second photo and the last one. When I tried to think why, I noted that those are also the photos with people in them! While I don't like crowded beaches, I do think that people (or animals) often add something to a photo... Make it "come alive".

  7. beautiful shots Pauline! the 2nd and next to last could be advertisements or postcards. awesome! you are like me, I need to also bring a pad of paper and pen on my walks with my camera! lol


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