Friday, April 11, 2014

FSO - Weather

My grandfather used to quote something like this:

Whether the weather be fine 
Or whether the weather be not
 Whether the weather be cold
 Or whether the weather be hot
 We'll weather the weather 
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not!  

It's true.   Farming folk rely on the weather, it's a sure fire topic of conversation wherever farmers  meet.  I can remember my grandfather having chats with neighbours just like those my son has with his.  

We've been looking to the skies a fair bit lately, hoping, hoping it will rain soon.  

Last Friday evening there was no sign of rain.
Saturday evening there was a darkish cloud over the mountain:

 But by Sunday morning it was gone, just a wisp of late cloud lifting:

Mid week, the usual clouds of dust were to be seen along the road every time a vehicle went past.

Then ... yesterday afternoon, coming home from town, I noticed the dark clouds ahead of me as I turned into our road.  I wanted a photo of one the new signs that have appeared along the road as I spotted a logging truck during the week and wondered where it had come from.  (I'll post about that next week.)

I had to stop a number of times, to try to capture the moodiness of the sky.

I got home just as huge raindrops fell.  There were about 20 of them!  The dark cloud was still sitting there off to the north west but it was moving away.

The rain came after dark.   I sat out on the deck and listened to the gentle pit pat of rain on the roof and smelt that lovely aroma of rain on dry earth.  It wasn't heavy, just soft gentle rain.  Those dark, heavy clouds had dropped their load somewhere else.

This morning, the sky is blue again but the soil in the paddock opposite my house is still damp and you can just see the first pale green shoots of new growth.  They really needed that rain.   Oh, and yes, that power pole in the middle of the paddock really is on a bit of a lean.

 That was the weather around here this week.  I'll be visiting the rest of the FSO contributors to see what weather images they have to show.  They will be here.

I'll be in Auckland for the next few weeks (as from Tuesday, plenty of time to do the Spotlights first).  Exactly how many weeks I'm not sure, it will depend on how long my daughter takes to recover from major back surgery.   Hopefully I'll be able to join in FSO, I've been taking photos with the upcoming topics in mind.  

Good luck to North Queenslanders with some horrific weather headed their way in the form of Cyclone Ita. 



  1. I too know that poem.

    Logging trucks. they are the bane of my life. Here they travel everywhere at a hundred miles per hour.

  2. What dramatic views you have of the weather. I hope you continue to get soaking rains when needed. I remember the hot droughts of last year in Australia. I think our East Coast is due for some dry and hot weather this summer...hopefully no hurricanes.

  3. I LOVE your grandfather's quote. I am going to post it on my refrigerator. It's a great reminder for all of us to go with the flow (that's the message I took away from this wise quote). Your photos are fantastic. I particularly like #4. I can image the landscape around there to be beautiful.

  4. I have heard that quote before also. you area of the world is so gorgeous Pauline.

  5. You got quite a variety too of shots showing your part of the world...beautiful landscape and scenery.
    The weather sure has a way to keep us on our toes.

    Beautiful images!

  6. Gorgeous photos... Very dramatic skies in some of them. I know I've heard that poem/quote before but I don't know where. I did not find the time to do a FMTSO post this weekend. It's been a mostly grey week anyway. No dramatic clouds, just the plain grey wet stuff!

  7. You've really captured the sky moods perfectly. Yesterday we had the croquet club's BBQ and some sun after a week of solid rain. We are now promised some more and Sunday has started looking as though the promise is to be fulfilled. Wouldn't you think the weather gods would share it all about a bit more fairly?

  8. What a beautiful spot of the world!
    I love your cloud photos.
    In Georgia, we had several years of severe drought, so I very much understand your feeling when you heard the rainfall, such a thankfulness!

  9. NZ always fascinated me b/c we used to get pictorial magazines from there when I was a boy. My grandfather came to Canada, and his brother to NZ. They passed away, and so did correspondence.

  10. I've rather been missing in blogland lately Pauline but I've just enjoyed catching up on all of your recent posts and utterly gorgeous images!


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